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Saturday, March 26

10:30am EET

Opening Remarks
avatar for Mohamed El Dallal

Mohamed El Dallal

CEO, Techne
avatar for H.E. Jonathan R. Cohen

H.E. Jonathan R. Cohen

Ambassador, U.S Embassy in Egypt
avatar for Amr Mahfouz

Amr Mahfouz


Saturday March 26, 2022 10:30am - 11:00am EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

11:00am EET

Investing in Youth: Building a Future for Startups
what makes startups stand out and shine in the market is the driven entrepreneurial youth behind closed doors that run these businesses. The creative inputs and innovation compacted in the upcoming generations is what drives investors and peak their interest in the first place. Find out from the experts themselves on the importance of investing in today's youth for tomorrow's future.

avatar for Tarek El Kady

Tarek El Kady

Founder & Chairman, Mediterranean Angel Investors

avatar for Jack Knellinger

Jack Knellinger

Co-Founder & Partner, Capria
avatar for Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman

Chairman, Global Entrepreneurship Network

Saturday March 26, 2022 11:00am - 11:30am EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

11:30am EET

The Rise of Venture Building in the MENA Region
Venture building is a well known term in the world of investment. Venture builders engage in corporations that make it their sole purpose to develop new corporations that they help thrive and grow. Find out through this panel the core values and activities that venture builders engage in and the outcome behind each activity with its affect on society.

avatar for Amal Enan

Amal Enan

Managing Partner, Lotus Capital

avatar for Ahmed Gomaa

Ahmed Gomaa

Chairman & CEO, Egypt Ventures
avatar for Hany Assaad

Hany Assaad

Co-Founder, Avanz Capital Partners
avatar for Khaled Ismail

Khaled Ismail

Chairman, HIM Angel
avatar for Walid Bakr

Walid Bakr

Managing Partner, The Ripple Impact

Saturday March 26, 2022 11:30am - 12:10pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

12:00pm EET

Patient Data Takes A Digital Turn: Integrating Technology Into Healthcare
For years now, Healthcare providers have been trying to create the best possible journey for their patients to try and ease the process they have to go through. After careful surveillance and observations, the health industry has concluded that with careful digitized collection of patient data, it would surely make a difference. Get into depth and find out more on how digitizing patient data and having a clear technological data base can make a difference to both the doctor and his patient. 

avatar for Jailan Yousri

Jailan Yousri

Group Digital Communications Manager, Cleopatra Hospitals Group

avatar for Michael Mounir

Michael Mounir

Head of IT & Digital Transformation, Eva Pharma
avatar for Hany Alaa Eldin

Hany Alaa Eldin

Head of Digital Pharmacy, Vezeeta
avatar for Andrew Saad

Andrew Saad

Founder, Bypa-ss

Saturday March 26, 2022 12:00pm - 12:45pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

12:10pm EET

Refreshen Mediterranean's Economical Performance Through Digital Transformation & Financial Inclusion
As the world is becoming more and more digital by the day, Egypt's core attributes are evolving with it. Egypt's economy has drastically been affected by today's digital transformation and is building a new era of innovation and improvement. Find out more on how the Egyptian economy is is taking a digital turn towards a better future and how we intend to handle it through financial inclusion to help secure as well as enhance and provide better payment opportunities to access financial services.

avatar for Emad Kattara

Emad Kattara

Founder & CEO, Banker's Lounge

avatar for Basil Moftah

Basil Moftah

General Partner, Global Ventures
avatar for Hossam Ezz

Hossam Ezz

CCO, Fawry
avatar for Khalil El Bawab

Khalil El Bawab

CEO, Misr Capital
avatar for Mohamed Morsy

Mohamed Morsy

Country Head, Finance in Motion
avatar for Tarek Taha

Tarek Taha

Fintech & Innovation Hub Director, Central Bank of Egypt

Saturday March 26, 2022 12:10pm - 12:50pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

12:30pm EET

12:45pm EET

Putting the Art in Architecture: When Technology Meets Aesthetic
Architecture is all about self expression. Artists take it upon themselves to bring their visions to life through creativity and originality. That's where art comes in, architectures and their admirers view their works as art pieces established in the midst of society, with each architect and their own aesthetic to bring to the table, art is flowing all over the place. Learn more on the integration of Architecture into the field of Art.

avatar for Yasmina Makram

Yasmina Makram

Interior Designer & Founder, Yasmina Makram Studios

avatar for Mohamed Talaat

Mohamed Talaat

avatar for Karim El Hayawan

Karim El Hayawan

Managing Partner, Design Point Egypt
avatar for Amir Dous

Amir Dous

Founder & CEO, C.Reality

Saturday March 26, 2022 12:45pm - 1:30pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

12:45pm EET

Mastering The Arts Of Pitching
It's not easy to get an investor's attention, specially when the world of business is over run by a pool of startups anticipating to showcase the perfect pitch. Learn from the Prodigy himself what it takes to nail the perfect pitch from an investor's point of view.

avatar for Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman

Chairman, Global Entrepreneurship Network

Saturday March 26, 2022 12:45pm - 1:45pm EET
ST 02 - Workshops

12:50pm EET

The Future of Health Care in 2022: Strengthening the bond between corporates & startups
This panel discusses the relevance of having both, Corporates andStartups perspective intact to create the best possible future for Healthcare in Egypt. Find out more on the latest trends and technologies circulating around the HealthTech industry. That's not all though, get into depth and discover the challenges that come along and how startups and corporates adhere to these obstacles. 

avatar for Ahmed Abou El Haz

Ahmed Abou El Haz

Founder & healthTech Expert, Shezlong

avatar for Choucri Asmar

Choucri Asmar

Chief Providers Officer, Customers & Experience, Vezeeta
avatar for Mohamed Raafat

Mohamed Raafat

Head of Marketing ,Digital, Data & Capabilities, Roche Egypt
avatar for Amr El Tayeb

Amr El Tayeb

CEO, Smart Medical Service
avatar for Dina Gabra

Dina Gabra

Digital Transformation Lead, Novartis
avatar for Dr. Hatem Werdany

Dr. Hatem Werdany

Country President, AstraZeneca

Saturday March 26, 2022 12:50pm - 1:30pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

1:30pm EET

Living in Sustainable cities: Real Estate Goes Green
Real Estate has been one of the main pillar fields that seems to be keeping our society intact from the very beginning. With various inputs and creativity that come along with real estate, developers are constantly finding the newest, freshest ideas to keep their consumers happy. That's where sustainability comes along, introducing a new green society, learn how Real Estate is heading towards a cleaner approach towards living that sustains environmental factors as well preserves its community.

avatar for Youssef Noureldin

Youssef Noureldin

COO, Sakneen

avatar for Shehab El Orabi

Shehab El Orabi

Managing Director, Hassan Allam Properties
avatar for Amr Mahfouz

Amr Mahfouz

Vice President Technology, Palm Hills Development
avatar for Nabil Amasha

Nabil Amasha

Real Estate Expert

Saturday March 26, 2022 1:30pm - 2:15pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

1:30pm EET

From Idea To Success Story by NilePrenuers
Imagine what our world would be like if every idea was taken seriously. If every fingerprint left an impact that can not be erased and every footstep was ensured to walk in the right direction. At NilePreneurs, we give your ideas the chance to exist by turning simple visions into impactful businesses and supporting you at every step of your journey: From "idea" to "success story". Find out how through our panel discussion at Techne Summit this year!

avatar for Heba Labib

Heba Labib

Director, NilePrenuers

avatar for Asmaa Ahmed

Asmaa Ahmed

Innovation Manager, NilePrenuers
avatar for Dina Khedr

Dina Khedr

Head of Education & Awareness Programs, NilePrenuers
avatar for Mohamed El Katatny

Mohamed El Katatny

Value Chain & Export Centers product manager, NilePrenuers
avatar for Mohamed Abbas

Mohamed Abbas

Associate Director of Nilepreneurs and Head of Business Incubators Program, NilePrenuers
avatar for Ahmed Hosney

Ahmed Hosney

Director of BDS, NilePrenuers

Saturday March 26, 2022 1:30pm - 2:15pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

2:00pm EET

Conducting Customer Interviews - Ways to Validate Your Startup
Startups nowadays are looking for new and creative ways to validate their startups in a scene where startups are taking over, and what better way to validate your startup through conducting customer interviews? you know what they say, your customer is always right, but don't just take our word for it, hear from the professional himself.

avatar for Tamer Ahmed

Tamer Ahmed

Co-Founder & Community Builder, Ventitude Foundation

Saturday March 26, 2022 2:00pm - 3:00pm EET
ST 02 - Workshops

2:15pm EET

Entrepreneurial Jobs on the Rise in 2022 by Sequence Ventures
avatar for Ezz Osama

Ezz Osama

Investment Analyst, Alex Angels

avatar for Karim Helal

Karim Helal

Executive Chairman, Sequence Ventures

Saturday March 26, 2022 2:15pm - 2:30pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

2:15pm EET

Digitizing The Past: An Initiative Towards A New Regulatory Structure
Thanks to technology, a new approach is making way to enhance the past in the most technical way possible. Learn from our respectable round of c-level panelists on how going digital via technology has paved the way in creating a new model of a technological regulatory structure, how it changed our present, and how it will affect our future. 

avatar for Noha Shaker

Noha Shaker

Secretary General, The Egyptian Fintech Association

avatar for Dr.Khaled Negm

Dr.Khaled Negm

Advisor to MCIT Minister for Digital Governance, MCIT
avatar for Hesham Sakr

Hesham Sakr

General Manager, FRA

Saturday March 26, 2022 2:15pm - 3:00pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

2:30pm EET

Blockchain and Digital Transformation
Meet the man behind the regulatory and compliance operations at Paxful, one of the largest peer-to-peer fintech platforms. Get a hands-on grip of the evolving landscape of digital assets and their impact on the financial world,  and hear firsthand about the best practices for dealing with compliance of digital assets. Join us for an exciting and fun fireside chat with George Georgiades, Chief Compliance Officer.

avatar for George Georgiades

George Georgiades

Chief Compliance Officer, Paxful
avatar for Mohamed El Dallal

Mohamed El Dallal

CEO, Techne

Saturday March 26, 2022 2:30pm - 2:45pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

2:30pm EET

The Future of Fintech in Egypt by AUC Venture Lab
FinTech is one of the most booming industries all over the world. The power of automating financial services through technology introduces an entirely new window of opportunities. With the new profound FinTech law on the loose and various trending topics FinTech, find out more on what the future looks like and what to expect out of the FinTech sector in 2022

Saturday March 26, 2022 2:30pm - 4:00pm EET
ST 03 - Roundtables

2:45pm EET

Techne Drifts 2022 Competition - Final Pitching
The time has finally come. With over 50 startups pitching for the grand Techne Summit prize, our startups headed to Techne Drifts for the semi finals and our finalists are finally here. Our final pitching is here to find out the grand prize winner of Techne Drifts 2021.

Saturday March 26, 2022 2:45pm - 5:30pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

3:00pm EET

Saturday March 26, 2022 3:00pm - 3:15pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

3:15pm EET

NMEC Talk - Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim

Dr.Ahmed Ghoneim

Executive Director, NMEC

Saturday March 26, 2022 3:15pm - 3:30pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

3:15pm EET

Evaluating A Successful Business Model Canvas
Building an efficient Business Model Canvas is an essential tool for early stage startups or startups actively willing to grow, but building an effecient business model isn't just enough, you. have to actively evaluate yout synergies and tactics in order to ensure constant success. Find out more on how to perfect a successful business model canvas with AUC Venture's Lab very own Yasmine Nagaty.

avatar for Yasmine Nagaty

Yasmine Nagaty

Acceleration Manager, AUC Venture Lab

Saturday March 26, 2022 3:15pm - 4:15pm EET
ST 02 - Workshops

3:30pm EET

Startups Acquiring Startups: Story Unfolded
We're more than familiar with the connection between corporates and startups and how the two organizations build and create relationships, but what about a startup startup relationship? We are revealing what's in store and why startups are acquiring other startups in the blink of an eye.

avatar for Ali Saleh

Ali Saleh

Head of Young Enterprise Finance GIZ Egypt, GIZ

avatar for Dalia Ibrahim

Dalia Ibrahim

CEO/Founder, Nahdet Misr Publishing House/ EdVentures
avatar for Kamel El Kholy

Kamel El Kholy

Investment Advisor and IC member, Sequence Ventures
avatar for Tamer Azer

Tamer Azer

Partner, Shorouq Partners
avatar for Walid Khalil

Walid Khalil

Partner, Endure Capital

Saturday March 26, 2022 3:30pm - 4:15pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

4:15pm EET

Female Startups Funding : Covering Challenges & Opportunities
Get inside the minds of female investors and entrepreneurs in 2022, and get aligned with the challenges and opportunities, breaking status quo. Find out how women catch their big breaks despite being looked at as "women" from startups & investment perspectives

avatar for Nora Toma

Nora Toma

Deputy CEO, Education For Employment - Egypt

avatar for Ghada Hammouda

Ghada Hammouda

Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer, Qalaa Holdings
avatar for Marie Therese Fahmy

Marie Therese Fahmy

Partner, Silicon Badia
avatar for Doaa Aref

Doaa Aref

CEO, Chefaa
avatar for Gehad Abdallah

Gehad Abdallah

Founder, Mermaid
avatar for Manal Amin

Manal Amin

CEO, Arabize

Saturday March 26, 2022 4:15pm - 5:00pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

4:30pm EET

Investment Readiness: Steps To Successful Fundraising
 In the a world full of startups, investors have to walk the extra mile to look into as well as make an informative decision on which startup to invest in. Learn all the basics from the Fundraising Guru himself, Dr. Mohamed Khedr on how to become investor ready, spot the perfect pitch and create successful fundraising.

avatar for Mohamed Hossam Khedr

Mohamed Hossam Khedr

CEO, Khedr w Business

Saturday March 26, 2022 4:30pm - 5:30pm EET
ST 02 - Workshops

5:00pm EET

2022 Startups: The Trends, Sectors Worth Watching
Year by year, the Startup scene is growing, with young fresh minds at the get go ready to bring their latest ideas and creative outbursts to light, theres no holding them back. Get ready to get introduced to the latest trends and industries that are under the umbrella of startup success in 2022.

avatar for Francesca Bombassei

Francesca Bombassei

Global Partnership Director, Seedstars

avatar for Ayman Ismail

Ayman Ismail

Director, AUC Venture Lab
avatar for Eslam Darwish

Eslam Darwish

General Partner, Nclude Fintech Fund
avatar for Marie Therese Fahmy

Marie Therese Fahmy

Partner, Silicon Badia
avatar for Omar Khashaba

Omar Khashaba

General Partner, Algebra ventures

Saturday March 26, 2022 5:00pm - 5:45pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

5:30pm EET

Redbull Basement
Saturday March 26, 2022 5:30pm - 6:30pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

5:45pm EET

Saturday March 26, 2022 5:45pm - 6:15pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

5:45pm EET

The Den business modeling visual tool
Want to design your own business model and don't know where to start? leave this one to Mr. Walid Khalil from Endure Capital to guide you through successful business modeling, the visual tools needed and how to operate them.

avatar for Walid Khalil

Walid Khalil

Partner, Endure Capital

Saturday March 26, 2022 5:45pm - 6:45pm EET
ST 02 - Workshops

6:15pm EET

Creating a Resilient Brand That Survives Changes in E-Commerce
E-commerce is constantly changing day by day and after the pandemic struck in 2020, this industry has had the most changes occur due to it being directly related to its consumers. Dig deeper with the E-com specialists themselves to get an insider look on how they maintained their image and name in the market amid the everlasting changes taking place to this day. 

avatar for Sally El Akkad

Sally El Akkad

Marketing Director & Head Of E-Commerce, Electrolux

avatar for Manal Negm El Din

Manal Negm El Din

Head of Direct Channels, Al Araby Group
avatar for Ossama Harfoush

Ossama Harfoush

Management Consultant, Mrsool Egypt
avatar for Manal Youssef

Manal Youssef

Head Of Public Relation and Communications, Jumia Egypt
avatar for Amr Shawki

Amr Shawki

CEO & Cofounder, ExpandCart

Saturday March 26, 2022 6:15pm - 7:00pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

6:30pm EET

Building A New Generation of Technoids: How Modern Day Entrepreneurs Support our Ecosystem by Jumia Egypt
Learn from E-commerce's finest, Jumia,  on how they plan to support the overall ecosystem through entrepreneurship. Whether it's from a technological approach, a logistical approach, epayments, marketing, or even advertising, they've got it all! get a detailed play by play on what they plan on doing and what's in store for the future

avatar for Assem Omar

Assem Omar

PR and Comms Director, Techne

avatar for Manal Youssef

Manal Youssef

Head Of Public Relation and Communications, Jumia Egypt
avatar for Michael Gamal Elia

Michael Gamal Elia

Payments and business services Director, JumiaPay Egypt
avatar for Mahmoud Mubarak

Mahmoud Mubarak

Head of Technology - Egypt Tech Center, Jumia
avatar for Kareem Abdel Azim

Kareem Abdel Azim

Head of Logistics, Jumia
avatar for Yasmine Wali

Yasmine Wali

Head of Institutional Affairs, Jumia

Saturday March 26, 2022 6:30pm - 7:15pm EET
ST 05 - Techne Arena

7:00pm EET

Recognizing the right problems to fix: An Entrepreneurial Outlook
With great power, comes great responsibility. it's time for our top-tier entrepreneurs to shed light on the promising problems that are constantly faced by these c-level figures, how they manage to handle these obstacles and the strategies implemented to diminish such difficulties.

avatar for Karima El Hakim

Karima El Hakim

Ecosystem Builder

avatar for Ahmed Hammouda

Ahmed Hammouda

Co-Founder, Thndr
avatar for Sumair Farooqui

Sumair Farooqui

Co-Founder, Kashat
avatar for George Georgiades

George Georgiades

Chief Compliance Officer, Paxful
avatar for Mustafa Abd Ellatif

Mustafa Abd Ellatif

Chairperson, YEN (Youth Entrepreneurship Network)

Saturday March 26, 2022 7:00pm - 7:45pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

7:00pm EET

How To Fail In Five Steps - Flat6labs Workshop
Are you afraid of failure? Does it hold you back from pursuing your dream? Well Mr. Hassan Mansi, Head of Ecosystem Development  Programs from None other than Flat6Labs has got you covered. Learn to overcome failure and recognize your mistakes, learn how to conquer your fears and turn them into a wide spectrum of opportunities in this workshop.

avatar for Hassan Mansi

Hassan Mansi

Head of Ecosystem Development Programs, Flat6Labs

Saturday March 26, 2022 7:00pm - 8:00pm EET
ST 02 - Workshops

7:45pm EET

Creative Industry Summit X Techne
avatar for Tarek El Kady

Tarek El Kady

Founder & Chairman, Mediterranean Angel Investors
avatar for Mai Salama

Mai Salama

Founding Partner, Creative Industry Summit

Saturday March 26, 2022 7:45pm - 8:00pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

8:00pm EET

Bringing Creativity To The Table: Advertising Edition

We know it all too well that advertising has to be one of the most influential fields that affect customer opinion. it requires an altitude of highlighting your target audience and transmitting your message in the most effective way, and that's where creativity comes to the table. When bridging creativity with advertising, the sky is the limit, you have a clear pathway of getting inside your consumer's head. Find out from the big leagues what it takes to create impactful advertising through this panel.

avatar for Nihal AbdelAziz

Nihal AbdelAziz

Media Consultant

avatar for Ghada Hammouda

Ghada Hammouda

Chief Sustainability and Marketing Officer, Qalaa Holdings
avatar for Amr El Kalaawy

Amr El Kalaawy

Managing Director, FP7 McCann Cairo
avatar for Rula El Kaliouby

Rula El Kaliouby

Founder & CEO, Intuition Consultancy

Saturday March 26, 2022 8:00pm - 8:45pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

8:45pm EET

Viral Overnight: Fusing Creativity with Social Media
Social media is an artist's gateway to success, with the acceleration and variety of platforms to choose from, social media influencers continue to pave the way by going viral and showcasing trends that trademark who they are on social media. Find out how these creative innovators made a name for themselves online and an inside scoop on what it's like to be a public figure in the social eyes of millions

avatar for Wael Eino

Wael Eino

Head of Social Media & Content, AKQA

avatar for Karim Abu Gamrah

Karim Abu Gamrah

CEO, Peacecake
avatar for Mazen Yassin

Mazen Yassin

Founder, Just A Goproer
avatar for Nour Emam

Nour Emam

Founder & CEO, Mother Being

Saturday March 26, 2022 8:45pm - 9:30pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall

9:30pm EET

Closing Remarks
Saturday March 26, 2022 9:30pm - 10:00pm EET
ST 01 - Main Hall